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Cosy Dress

altI've recently made Winter dresses for the girls. I'm not really one for having them matchy-matchy but this fabric was going for a good price so they got one each. Emily calls this her 'cosy dress' because the cowl neck keeps her nice and toastie. A thick knit fabric with some tights underneath makes this a great option for Winter.

It's made usingthe Cowl Neck Jumper Dress PatternfromHeidi and Finn.

If you are a little scared of trying to sew something yourself this is the perfect pattern to try. It is so easy to put together. There are five pieces, plus the waist ties. If you're an experienced sewer you could knock this up easily in 20 minutes, once you've cut it out. If you're a newbie to making children's clothes (like myself) you should be able to get it together in an hour. The instructions are so simple and easy to understand.

altThis is another dress using the same pattern which I made for Emily last Winter. If I have had a frusterating experience with patterns, I'm not one to keep trying until I conquer it. Sewing time is a treat to me so I like it to be satisfying and relaxing. But since I found this so easy last year I wasn't scared to try again.

altHere is Georgie in hers. Instead of the waist ties, which I didn't feel were practical for a toddler, I put 2 little pockets on the front just below the waist, or little pot belly, as the case may be. As you can see, it's a great option on a Saturday morning for running the line at Aus kick.

altIt keeps you modest while you pick up the boundary cones and pull out the goal posts.

altThe cowl neck does make her baby mulllet a little more prominent but with eyes like that, no one's focussing on the hairstyle.

My advice for this pattern would be to cut a size or two larger than what your child is. I found the sizes to be on the smaller side all three times when I have made this dress. I used size 5 for Emily's dress with an extra inch on the length and size 2 for Georgie's dress. Both fit well but Emily normally wears a size 3-4 and Georgie a size0-1.

The cowl neck is also a little snug going over the head so I cut my neck lines about 1cm below the pattern line. It could have done with another cm off.

One thing I wish I'd done differently was lowering the waist ties. The pattern says to put them just below the sleeve but I prefer them closer to the waist.

All in all it's a great pattern and you can download it straight to your computer.


This one's always happy when she gets a new dress.



# Amie Davison 2013-06-21 03:04
:lol: I love the litle models! These dresses are really cute! Well done Kate.
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# Liesa Wilson 2013-07-07 21:32
Great review! Adorable pictures!
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